OUR DREAMS (Foreword)

24 Mar

Jung Miyoung


– 24 years old
– pretty girl
– very soft on anyone
– highly attention on taemin ( Jung Taemin’s older sister )
– very spoilt on yunho ( Jung Yunho’s little sister)
– fall in love with yunho’s best friend
Choi Kang Changmin
– 25 years old
– handsome man
– stoic calm on a person he doesn’t know
– over protected Sulli ( Choi Sulli’s big brother )
– loves a girl named Jung Miyoung
Park Yoochun
– 27 years old
– a playboy who falls in love with a girl named Im Yoona
– good heart
– yunho’s best friend for a long time
– recently returned from the u.s. to find Im yoona
– a man whose serene personality
Im Yoona
– 23 years old
– back from U.S to marrying Choi Kang Changmin
– love Yoochun
– a very submissive girl
– Jung Yunho’s best friend
okay..,such an explanation about the characters and i would be proud to present this story soon 🙂
ehmm,and there will be some cast who will appears later…,let me give you a clue >> one of SNSD member and some of EXO member
nah guess who?? ;))

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