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Urband Legend:Creepy Hide & Seek

7 Sep

Urband legend (Creepy Hide & Seek)

Urband Legend:Creepy Hide & Seek.

A Fanfiction presented by Hyebaby.

Poster by ImJustAGILRS @ Poster Channel

Starring Joohyeon/Irene || Seulgi || Seunghwan/Wendy || Sooyoung/Joy

Oneshoot || Teen || Friendship, Crime, Thriller, Horror, Supranatural

Inspirited by urband legend from Japan called Hitori Kakunrenbo and Some fanfiction on Fanfiction.net

This story is Pure mine, the cast isn’t mine but the plot is mine. Sorry for Typo(s), Don’t be Silent Reader, Don’t Bash, Don’t Plagiat, Happy Reading 😀

This Fanfiction also published on My Own WordPress, Red Velvet Fanfict, & INDO FANFICTIONS

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