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OUR DREAMS (Foreword)

24 Mar

Jung Miyoung


– 24 years old
– pretty girl
– very soft on anyone
– highly attention on taemin ( Jung Taemin’s older sister )
– very spoilt on yunho ( Jung Yunho’s little sister)
– fall in love with yunho’s best friend
Choi Kang Changmin
– 25 years old
– handsome man
– stoic calm on a person he doesn’t know
– over protected Sulli ( Choi Sulli’s big brother )
– loves a girl named Jung Miyoung
Park Yoochun
– 27 years old
– a playboy who falls in love with a girl named Im Yoona
– good heart
– yunho’s best friend for a long time
– recently returned from the u.s. to find Im yoona
– a man whose serene personality
Im Yoona
– 23 years old
– back from U.S to marrying Choi Kang Changmin
– love Yoochun
– a very submissive girl
– Jung Yunho’s best friend
okay..,such an explanation about the characters and i would be proud to present this story soon 🙂
ehmm,and there will be some cast who will appears later…,let me give you a clue >> one of SNSD member and some of EXO member
nah guess who?? ;))

Untitled Poster

5 Mar

Untitled Poster

Ini poster paling baru request.an temen mimin. Dia mw bikin ff tapi belum ada posternya gitu,jadi mimin bikinin deh.
Ceritanya romance,cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan gitu.
Pairingnya ya si Tiffany sama Changmin 🙂

Oke,buat kalian yang pengen dibikinin poster bisa langsung ikutin langkah2 untuk pemesanan posternya,yang belum tau caranya bisa langsung klik ini >> https://fanfictiontime.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/need-a-poster/


OUR DREAMS (3rd Poster)

17 Nov


aaahhh i really loved this one,my fav poster so far.
Yoochun has appeared in my story.


OUR DREAMS (2nd Poster)

16 Nov

OUR DREAMS (2nd Poster)

you can reads my FF tittled Our Dreams,cast by: Changmin TVXQ and Tiffany SNSD


OUR DREAMS *poster

5 Agu

OUR DREAMS *poster

my poster for my Story 🙂